My name is Mathew Bittroff and I have been a DJ since 2010, but music has always been one of my obsessions: I studied music at a university level, and have had multiple jobs in the entertainment industry over the years.

I stumbled into the DJ world serendipitously when my on-the-job DJ mixes in futureshop (remember futureshop?) started to draw a regular crowd - so I bought my own gear and started playing parties!  It wasn't long before I got noticed by one of the top DJ companies in Edmonton; Grindstone Productions - who sent me out to hundreds of parties and weddings over the next 5 years.

After relocating to Vancouver in 2015  I have already become a first choice for wedding planners, couples, and music lovers of all ages. Since moving here I have already provided DJ services at over 150 events! Woah!

My goal is to get everyone dancing by playing the best music at the right time while making sure my song choices reflect your specific tastes.
I am a true perfectionist; hours of my time and effort are put into every show before I even arrive at the venue.

When I’m not running my DJ business or at an event you can find me hanging out with my friend’s dogs and keeping busy as an active member of the local film/tv community.

If you like what you hear contact me and let's get to work!

Mathew Bittroff