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There are a lot of DJ's out there, and I would be honoured if you chose me! ...and here's why you should:

I have 8 years of experience and hundreds of successful events under my belt.  I have the skill, attitude, and talent you need to make your event perfect. I will learn your likes, wants, needs, style, and work with you to develop your event to match your vision.  Most importantly I have a glowing track record - a testimonial page full of happy customers sharing their experiences and helping you make the right decision.

How am I different than the large DJ companies?

This is a one-man locally owned and run business! I'm not a national or even large company booking hundreds of events every year, and frantically hiring mediocre DJ's to keep up.  You get a real DJ; I take what I do very seriously and I'm very good at it.  Being a smaller company I have the time and the ability to focus on your event and put you first.  I will be the only one you deal with during the booking and planning process and always the DJ at your event.  No sick days. No distractions. 

Since relocating to Vancouver in 2015 I have played close to 150 events -WaHOO! I am thrilled to be so busy! 
The reviews and response from my past clients has been so overwhelmingly positive, and I can’t wait to get working on new events for new clients.
— Mathew Bittroff, Mat the DJ


Read more about me here, check out the FAQ page, and be sure to read some Testimonials!