5 Ways To Be The Best MC

Here are 5 things you as an MC can do to keep the wedding running as smoothly as possible and make your job easier:

Connect With ALL The Vendors.

At the very least introduce yourself as the MC! Extra points for asking how the day is going so far, and if there anything you could clear up for them.  At most they might get you to relay information making your job easier!

Extra extra bonus points: Some vendors might only have been given a rough timeline and bringing an extra copy of the itinerary to share will instantly make you a rockstar but also help the wedding run as smooth as possible.

Use The Power Of The 5-minute Warning.

Give your wedding guests a 5 minute warning for anything! The Entrance, the cakecutting, the first dance, speeches, you name it! Giving the crowd 5 minutes to get a drink, visit the bathroom or find their seats will help you stay on schedule.  The 5-minute warning also give all necessary vendors a heads up and will help the bridal party know what to expect next.

Actually get everyones attention.

Before you start relaying information you need to make sure people are even listening! A simple "May I have your attention" or "Ladies and Gentlemen can I have your attention" followed by a brief pause is usually enough to snap people out of their amazing conversations to actually hear the words you are saying.  

Don't sweat it.

My mantra on wedding days is to "embrace the chaos".
Things happen, people get stuck in traffic, sprinklers go off... something will go wrong and you need to be ready to roll with the punches and make it work.  Bonus tip: NEVER stress about running behind, because nearly every wedding runs behind!  

Practice those names & write that speech.

I mean it! If you are planning a small speech, write it out ahead of time and practice it!
If you're dealing with some difficult family names, put in a few minutes of practice and ask a family member if you are saying it correctly.  You might feel silly but not as silly as if you fumble over the Bride's new name when you are announcing their entrance.

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